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WUTENE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, based in Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded with a dream of making a lasting impact on community health and education.

We envision a world where everyone, especially those living in underprivileged areas​, has access to healthcare services and education.

WUTENE was created in 2018, with a mission to provide the best and affordable health services, education and training to people living in the rural areas or in disadvantaged neighborhoods. WUTENE has developed three programs which include Community Health, Education, andTraining .

Our core values and principles are Discipline, Honesty, Transparency and Best Practice.

Our first project, “Before it’s Too Late” is a component of the Community Health program which aims to support the maternal and child health services. This project will be launched in Chad, a central African country where one of the founders, Dr. Dounebaine, was born and raised. His experience as a medical epidemiologist with many international institutions drive the initiatives of this project.

Our strategy is to achieve our goals through implementation of projects. As we grow as a nonprofit organization, we intend to expand our programs to other countries, create a network of rural health facilities, deliver quality treatment and care to the local population at an affordable cost and create innovative educational programs.

Our programs and projects are supported and funded through fundraising, members contribution, grant proposals, donations, and fee for services and goods.

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